There is never a big picture

What is the big picture? What is it all going towards? Where will we end up? Why does a retrospection always begin with "I never thought I'd land up here." or "I didn't plan this." In spite of these looming and very exhausting questions - here we all are, trying to act like we are... Continue Reading →

The olive green in my blood

"Fauj main akela fauji nahi bharti hota, future biwi aur bachhon ko lekar hota hai. (A fauji does not join the army alone, he takes his future wife and kids along)" - Alpha Whiskey (A.W.) The Indian Army is not just an institution for the fauji, but for the entire family. This is hopefully true... Continue Reading →

Chai Coffee Chronicles

Life's biggest question, the biggest confusion. Chai or Coffee? Coffee or chai? I lay awake in my bed for long hours thinking about what exactly her highness would like to have this morning. 'I' am her highness. And that is the problem. That, also, is the story of my life. The story of my evolution.... Continue Reading →

A letter to my dad

Dear Papa/Dad/Daddy/Dadda, We last spoke two weeks ago, though mumma had called and I know, that you know that I am fine. You had told me that I will be. I also know that I probably come across as someone who doesn't care/bother or someone who has kept pedaling away since the moment you let... Continue Reading →

Don’t quit at your lowest

He gets off the cab outside his home; no, house, after yet another day at office. Another bunch of useless, outcome-less meetings and long hours of staring at the computer screen without making any sense of what is going on. He gets into the elevator, gets out at his floor after a full minute, drags... Continue Reading →

Kannada Kalittayidini

"I'm learning Kannada" - a better alternative to "Kannada Gothilla" which means "I don't know Kannada." My college roommate asked me to learn the phrase "Kannada Gothilla" when I first moved to Karnataka to study in Manipal about 6-7 years ago, and until about three months back that's how I had survived in the state. My inability to pick... Continue Reading →

The undeserved lemons

I was thinking about the lemons life gives us and then I thought about the number of times I have said 'I don't deserve this' about those lemons. The next thought obviously being, 'Aren't all lemons undeserved?' Let's park this thought for a while. Adversities. Tragedies. Tough times. Lemons. There is so much more to... Continue Reading →

You are your best friend

We live in an age where we are constantly connected with people but disconnected with our own being. We surround ourselves with social media (thank you for reading the blog though), we go out for lavish dinners and we play loud music to prevent the mind from thinking about what really bothers us. We make... Continue Reading →

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